Culinary experience

This culinary adventure commences on a Friday early evening, setting the stage with a delightful champagne reception followed by a sumptuous six-course gourmet dinner. 

This evening serves as a perfect opportunity to mingle with your fellow guests/participants and sample the exquisite cuisine that you will learn to prepare throughout the course.

The subsequent days are packed with exciting activities:

Saturday morning kicks off with a visit to the enchanting market in Laval. As the locals do, you will immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere and explore the array of fresh seasonal specialties offered by the market. This market tour provides an immersive experience in French culture and culinary traditions.

After a leisurely lunch, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and delve into the kitchen for a hands-on cooking session with Chef Eric as you prepare dinner.

Sunday and Monday are dedicated to the kitchen, where a combination of hands-on cooking and demonstrations will expand your culinary repertoire.

Tuesday morning continues with hands-on cooking until lunchtime. In the afternoon, a well-deserved break awaits as we venture to Vitré, a medieval city known for its captivating historical center, picturesque castle, charming cobbled streets, and old half-timbered houses. It’s a perfect opportunity to relax, explore, and indulge in some shopping.

Returning to the kitchen, the focus shifts to perfecting the finishing touches and presentation of the dinner.

Wednesday marks the final day in the kitchen, where you will once again be actively engaged in hands-on culinary creation, crafting a memorable dinner.

On Thursday morning, we prepare a late breakfast/brunch, ensuring you have ample energy before embarking on a visit to the iconic Mont Saint Michel. This extraordinary historical and spiritual site will captivate you as you climb the approximately 350 steps to reach the Abbey, rewarded by stunning views and an enriching experience.

After an eventful afternoon exploring Mont Saint Michel, we return to savor a well-deserved dinner, accompanied by a glass of wine, providing a perfect opportunity to unwind and reflect on the memorable week filled with culinary delights and cultural excursions.

Throughout the course, you will have the chance to refine your culinary skills, indulge in delectable meals, discover local markets and historical sites, and create lasting memories in the company of like-minded food enthusiasts.

Day 1 - Friday

Arrival in the afternoon

17.00  – Introductory talk with complimentary champagne and canapés,  

Discussing aims and course structure 

18.00 – Dinner 6-course gourmet dinner


Caramelised scallops, cauliflower 3 ways, pistachio dressing

Smoked duck and foie gras egg cocotte


Beef filet tournedos, braised celeriac and truffle jus



Tea and coffee

Day 2 - Saturday

8.45 – Breakfast (to include fresh croissants, breads and preserves, orange juice, local apple juice, yogurts, tea and coffee.)

9.15 Off to Laval’s market for shopping and sightseeing.

13.00 Returning to The Walnut Grove, we will break for lunch and feast on our treasures.

14.00 – Kitchen

We will begin the course and our journey in the kitchen with hands on experience and demonstrations preparing for dinner

Welcome, explore kitchen/equipment etc…Refresher basic knife skills; care of knives, safety,

sharpening, chop and slice onion, carrot…


Scallop carpaccio. Sorbet

Preparing monkfish, matelote sauce, vegetables.

Orange marmelade pim’s, lemon verbena sorbet and Grand Marnier soufflé mise en place.

16.30 – Finish 

17.00 – Aperitifs and nibbles

17.30 – Back in the kitchen to finish prep

18.00 – Dinner


(Depending on market and season)

Scallop carpaccio


Braised monkfish, Matelote sauce


Grand Marnier soufflé, lemon verbena sorbet, orange marmelade pim’s

Tea and coffee

Day 3 - Sunday

8.45 – Breakfast

9.15 – Menu Explanation 

Kitchen: Demonstration/hands-on:

Veal and chicken stock (for jelly), chicken stock for consommé (Wednesday), Lobster bisque

Langoustine tartar, Carrot bavarois and Campari espuma, Savoury pastry

10.45 – Demonstration/hands-on:

Deboning quail, chicken mousseline, stuffed quail.

braised chestnut, port and juniper reduction, strawberries, coconut spongeQuiche.

13.00 – Lunch, home-made quiche Lorraine, fresh salad from the garden (or market), Cheese and chutney

14.00 – Demonstration/hands-on: Beef bourguignon, White chocolate sphère, passion fruit cream

16.30 – Finish 

17.00-  Aperitifs and nibbles

 17.30 – Back in the kitchen to finish prep

18.00 – Dinner 


Langoustine tartar, Carrot bavarois and Campari espuma


Stuffed quail, chestnut, port and juniper reduction


White chocolate sphère, strawberries with long red pepper, passion fruit cream, pistachio sponge

Tea and coffee

Day 4 - Monday

8.45 – Breakfast

9.15 – Menu Explanation 

Kitchen: Demonstration/hands-on:

Foie gras crème brulée, chicken jelly, smoked onion, gratin dauphinois.

Chocolate pastry dough

13.00 – Lunch; Vegetable soup from the garden, cheese and fresh bread

14.00 – Demonstration/hands-on:

Truffle foam, smoked onion tartelette.

Coffee ganache, chocolate ganache,

chocolate caviar, chocolate decor. Caramelised apple for “The Apple”.

16.30 – Finish 

17.00 – Aperitifs and nibbles

 17.30 –  Back in the kitchen to finish prep

18.00 – Dinner


Foie gras crème brulée, chicken jelly, truffle foam, smoked onion tartelette


Beef bourguignon and gratin dauphinois

(Oxtail or Ox cheek)


Chocolat caviar tartlet

Tea and coffee

Day 5 - Tuesday

8.45 – Breakfast

9.15 – Menu Explanation 

Kitchen: Demonstration/hands-on:

Snail bonbon, garlic purée

Sweet pastry, poached pear, apricot sorbet, “The Apple”

Fig leaves milk, seabass prep, vegetable and coffee jus.

12.00 – Lunch; Cold meat, charcuterie and salad from the garden, fresh bread.

13.00 – Off to visit Vitré, medieval town, chateau and shopping

17.00 –  Back for Aperitifs and nibbles

17.30-  In the kitchen to finish prep

18.00 – Dinner


Smoked snail bonbons, garlic purée and rocket oil


Seabass in fig leaves infusion,

jus scented with coffee


Pear and almond tart, apricot and

rosemary sorbet in a honey wafer basket

Tea and coffee

Day 6 - Wednesday

8.45 – Breakfast

9.15 – Menu Explanation 

Kitchen: Demonstration/hands-on: Chicken, tomato, smoked bacon

consommé. Coco beans,

braised leg of lamb

Pastry tart, Puff pastry, choux pastry, diplomate cream.

Croque monsieur

13.00 – Lunch; Croque Monsieur/ Madame and salad, fruit salad

14.00 – Demonstration/hands-on: Veal Blanquette, lamb sauce to finish,

Saint Honoré

16.30 – Finish 

17.00 – Aperitifs and nibbles

 17.30-  Back in the kitchen to finish prep

18.00 – Dinner


Chicken, tomato, smoked bacon consommé, en croute


7h braised lamb shoulder with coco beans


Saint Honoré

Tea and coffee

Day 7 - Thursday

9h30 – Brunch Demonstration/hands-on:

Eggs Benedict

Poached egg, smoked salmon, bacon,

hollandaise sauce

Ham and cheese, fresh bread, orange and apple juice,

yogurt, tea and coffee.

11.00 We’re off to visit to The Mont Saint michel

Back at 18.00 for Aperitifs and nibbles

 18.30  Back in the kitchen to finish prep

19.00 –  Dinner


Lobster bisque


Veal blanquette, wholegrain mustard purée


Caramel and pear bavarois

Tea and coffee


Day 8 - Friday

9.00 – Breakfast

Departure before 10.00

Prices - Culinary adventure

– Euros € 2795.00 per person, shared ensuite bedroom with twin beds or double bed.

– Euros € 1595.00 non-cooking friend or partner 

– Euros € 495.00 single room supplement 

From 1st January 2024

– Euros € 3197.00 per person, shared ensuite bedroom with twin beds or double bed.

– Euros € 1997.00 non-cooking friend or partner 

– Euros € 547.00 single room supplement 


 – Champagne on arrival
 – 7 nights ensuite accommodation
 – All food including 6 breakfasts, 5 lunches, 7 dinners, 1 brunch
 – Soft drinks all day
 – All tuition with a professional French chef
 – All equipment needed
 – Excursion to Laval’s market, shopping
 – Excursion to Vitré, medieval town, chateau, shopping
 – Excursion to The Mont Saint Michel 
 – Transport from Laval train station at scheduled times
 – Molton Brown toiletries
 – Menu and recipe folder to take home
 – Course certificate
 – Free Wifi


 – Travel

– Entrance fee to Vitré’s Chateau museum (€6 Euros)

– Entrance fee to The Abbey at The Mont Saint Michel ( €11 Euros)

 – Laundry (€25 Euros)

 – Wine and alcoholic beverages

Wine and other alcoholic beverages can be purchased from our bar